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Why Does PC Satellite TV Video Seem Choppy At Times

From time to time there are complaints about the quality of PC satellite online tv software video. Nowadays, since a lot of channels are in HD it isn’t the actual video quality that becomes the target of complaints, but rather the ‘choppy’ nature of the playback itself. In some cases, this may be fair imperceptible and barely noticeable, but in others it can be blatantly obvious.

Generally speaking, ‘choppy’ playback normally occurs in PC satellite TV software when the content isn’t loading fast enough to stream itself smoothly. As a result, the player would actually ‘stop’ for a millisecond, before the next part can load and then it plays before stopping and waiting for the part after that to load as well.

As you can well imagine, this problem has one major cause – internet connections.

Although most people nowadays are using broadband, and that is sufficient in general to stream even HD content, the truth is that some internet lines are less stable, slower, and less reliable than others for various reasons. It could be a result of the usage of old telephone cables instead of fibreoptics somewhere along the way, or it could simply be the Internet Service Provider itself that is overloaded. Matter of fact, it could even be the video server that is overloaded too.

Whatever the case, all of these factors can conspire to effectively provide you with a ‘slower than normal’ internet connection. When that happens, you’re no longer going to be able to load the videos fast enough to ensure smooth playback – and this can be problematic with PC satellite TV software. Frankly there is no solution considering the fact that all of these factors are beyond your control.

One factor within your control that could be causing the choppy video and slow internet speeds is your own internet usage however. If you’re downloading a lot of other content, or someone is sharing your internet connection and their usage is pretty heavy, then that could be limiting your own internet speeds to. If this is the case, solving the problem should be as simple as stopping all other usage while you stream from PC satellite TV software.

Needless to say, this is hardly an ideal solution, and only applicable in highly specific circumstances. As a result, many people are still shying away from PC satellite TV until and unless they know for a fact that they can receive uninterrupted smooth playback.

Certainly. this may be possible, as internet speeds are getting faster and faster, and sooner or later there will definitely come a point in time when these worries are mostly a thing of the past.

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